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14 novembre 2007 par Axel




This will be written in english. Reasons for that ?

  • business runs globally, local languages are lovely for local talk, useless for presomptuous people like me.
  • i love writing and talking in french. i often have to think in english. it's good to write english too.
  • you and Google can understand me.
Mmm. Getting started. The idea today (today, maybe it will change tomorrow) is to create a blog about an initiative.

[initiative]: in personal behaviour, initiative is the ability and tendency to initiate: to start an action, including coming up with a proposal and giving or helping without first being requested to do so.

That is what happened in March 2007 with the launch of LaPaDD sarl, with Dorothée & Axel Lenté as CEOs (sharing tasks, capital, bed, family, fluids, fun, pain).